please do not use tutorvista i signed up for GT math and AP phicys and every time i logged in they were not avalbie.It made my parents mad because they paid for this with there money and now we cant even get the money back on the card.Then when my sister signed up with her own money they were able to get her on there when ever.PISSED ME OFF.Now because they didnt help me im falling my classes and i have a major test to do in 2 weeks wich doesnt help cause its hard.pissed

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I wrote yo mama to them it was hillarious


You might be better off. I've looked at exactly one tutorvista page, on the area of a hexagon, and it was so full of mistakes that reading it would probably make the average student dumber. If they weren't available to tutor you, at least they weren't teaching you to make more mistakes.

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