Tutorvista stole money from my credit card. The initial representative promised that they would not take any additional money from my card with out permission.

They lied. It is a scam. They took $200.00 and refunded only $100,00. I'm in the process in calling the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General or any agency that can help me.

I will not stop until I get my money back.It should be illegal for companys to take money from the consumers without permission.

They hope that most victims will get tired and give up. That way the crooks keep the money.

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I needed some help on academics so searched for a tutor online and came across tutorvista.com the AC called ASHTON explained every thing, but needed to see the tutors quality i asked for my FREE sessions but he informed me that due false promises they have stopped giving FREE sessions student come on their site on ask for FREE take the sessions show your *** *** and go with speaking anything shame on you guys and stop writing wrong comments or reviews on TUTORVISTA they have helped me a lot


You guys go to tutorvista ask for DEMO to subscribe and take the demo and show your *** ***.

When i went for first time to tutorvista they *** told me that demo sessions are stopped due your *** in false promise of subscribing.

*** YOU


How did you end up getting the money back ? They are doing the same to me !

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