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hi, I am a tutorvista costumer for long time now and have been using it regularly. I posted few posts on pissedconsumer about it.

Yes, initially I did faced some issues of having trouble getting the exact tutor I wanted for my tutoring session but after sometime, everything settled down. I had created few negative complaints about tutorvista here labeling tutorvista as scam and fraud and cheater (which I can't edit / remove now, thanks to pissedconsumer policy !).

Since, I can't remove any of my old posts now, I thought of creating a new one with all the experience I got about tutorvista.

Pros -

Affordable quality online tutoring - There is no doubt over that. Everybody agrees that they offer the quality online tutoring at most affordable price.

Flexibility in long term packages like pausing the service (which I personally love)

Cons -

Accent issue - While talking to their customer care, I faced accent issue but later on, I use to get customer support through chat mostly, so the issue was no longer ther

Auto-renewal - I got auto-renewed for the first time when I started using tutorvista. For then on, I remember all the time to pause / stop the service when I am not using it. Again long-term package with pausing option helped.

Not getting the exact tutor required - Sometimes I will like a tutor but will not be able to get him/her again for my sessions. Tagging the tutor as favorite helps but not always since, the tutor might not be available at the time I ask for taking a session.

Overall TutorVista is not a scam as was my opinion though it has lots of area to improve (in few it has already improved).

P.S. If anybody knows how to edit post on pissedconsumer, do tell me.

Review about: Tutor Vista Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Somebody on some other thread has put a 1& offer tutorvista is giving.. that is, totally without auto-renewal. Its great offer if you don't wanna get charged automatically!


Did anyone every get offered a discount?


My wife would dispute your "Pros".The few hours of tutoring my wife could get in the time since she joined ranged from okay (they answered her questions in chat for the 35 minute session) to poor (one posted an exercise on the white board and took five minutes to answer every question about it - 35 minutes goes quick).

After a week, the vast majority of times she's tried to connect no tutor was available for any subject of interest.As time goes by with no service available, the value of the service declines steeply.


Good post


Nice info, no doubt its hot topic :)




Good job Gonzalez


Spelling mistake - Its 'couple' not 'copule'


I have been to tutorvista a copule of times but never took paid service. Now since holidays are over and schools are open again, I am thinking of joining it, so, was looking for information about it.

Thanks to this post and comments I have got the required info.


Thanks :)

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