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Are you kidding me right now?? So I was struggling this semester with Physics and Calculus.

After speaking with a rep. she convinced me to get a 20 hour package for $180 (she discounted 20$ for me). She told me that most/all tutors had masters degrees. Uhh...yeah I bet masters degrees from like a 3rd world country with the poorest education on the chart!

One tutor gave me all kinds of explanations that made no sense...and derived equations and formulas for me that ended up being completely wrong! When I went into class the next day and showed my lab partner, he laughed. Then he gave me all the right equations.

A second tutor took 10 mins just to tell me that no limit existed on my Calculus problem. & argued with me that there was no limit..when I KNEW there was a limit!!! My online hw did not give a choice for "does not exist".

A third tutor had me put in wrong answers multiple times onto my hw website. If it wasn't through online and the program didn't give me 3 chances to answer questions, and tell me right away the answers were wrong...if this was like on paper and turn it in type of hw...I would've got more than half wrong.

Okay, basically what I'm trying to say is...these tutors DO NOT KNOW THEIR STUFF. INCOMPETENCE!!!! It's really really incredible! When I'm on my online tutoring through my college hw website, the tutors know right away what's going on and etc. But tutorvista tutors? They're a JOKE!!! PLEASE PLEASE stay away!!!!!

Supposedly the customer care rep gave me a full refund back to my card. But who seems as if a lot of people have problems with the money I BETTER see my 180 credit back on my card in 3-4 days OR ELSE!!!??

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I have given them a simple question about pints and a statue to solve in the demo. They gave me some bs answer a 3 yr old would have given. The comments where ppl say TutorVista works are probably workers from the company doing pathetic advertisements.


Tutors and agents are very good in tutorvista.


I use tutorVista from past 2yrs and Iam proud to say that i take A+ in all the subjects.. Thank you TutorVista


Jessica is awesome. you should request her. SHES MY GURLIE


OBVIOUSLY, you should not assume things because you might totally be wrong. FIRST off, I was talking about Physics 1111 and Calculus 1431.

Which is the FIRST Physics and the FIRST Calculus for FRESHMEN'S. Maybe you just got lucky with the one tutor out of a million that knows his stuff....or maybe whatever you needed help with wasn't as hard as you think.


Same here, I had a take home quiz, this guy used google and I failed that quiz. TutorVista is Bull****


they know their stuff jeez. they just helped me with some hard stuff. obviously if your doing like 4th year math (college level) they probably wont be able to help you but like first year stuff is worth while

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