I have been using TutorVista service for last 5 months and I am well satisfied with its service. But last few days I am facing certain problems and therefore I want to complain about it here. I don't usually go for complaining. This I will say as constructive criticism. I was availing TutorVista service through my father's laptop but for now as he has gone out for some official tour, I can't work in the laptop. I started to work out through my desk top and then I encountered a problem and about this particular thing I want to complain today. TutorVista service accepts only latest software, as my desktop work on some older software; I cannot avail to TutorVista service.

I loved the online tutoring service of TutorVista and my grades are really improving with the help of expert tutors of TutorVista. But with the rise of this problem, I am afraid as I am being devoid of quality learning. I am not exactly complaining here, I am just urging that make TutorVista service applicable in all the existing software, so that students like me can gain quality service from TutorVista 24/7 which they always promises to do.

I am sure this problem will be recognized and soon I will get a solution regarding this techno problem. I want to learn with my tutors back again and I hope it will be possible for me very soon.

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There have been many complaints, our team aren't gonna lie! Its not the white-board thats the problem, its your computer! Our white-board is too fast for your type of computer! I suggest a laptop, it would go quick! Go to library if neccassary, it'll be fast, we promise! You will be satisfied! If its not working even on a laptop, email us:


Or click Custom Care! Enjoy and check out



This is a complete technical problem and you should never loss your quality learning for such problem. I will suggest to get your problem solved soon.


You can call the customer service people and get your solution at the soonest possible time. Call the toll free number: 866-735-0516 :zzz


I am using tutorvista service for last 5 months and i am well satisfied. My teachers and parents are happy with the improvement in my grades.

As yours is a technical problem, call the customer support department and find a solution. :)


I have always got all the necessary support I required from TutorVista. I would suggest you to contact the customer care for assistance as soon as you encounter such difficulties.

The quality has not been affected at all.

It has been a technical glitch and that would not be affecting the quality of the service being rendered by them. I think you would agree with me as you said your grades have improved.


You can contact the customer care which helps you chat with a technical assistant, they will sort this for you :)


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I'm form TutorVista technical support team, I would be glad to fix your problem, please send a mail care@tutorvista.com to setup a meeting & along with information such as browser, operating system version, also confirm whether you are able to view any flash based application such as YouTube etc., on your browser


What OS and browser version you are using. Their flash based whiteboard does not support old browser. Update your browser and your problem will be resolved.

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