It's really very difficult to register with TutorVista. I was struggling with my math homework and just logged in to find some help on net. I suddenly remembered my friend Tess, who has subscribed with TutorVista.Com. Tess has been using this service from last 4 months and is really doing well with her grades. She says the service is awesome, very helpful tutors and unlimited help. I decided to try the service. I logged into the site and found a academic coordinator who gave me details on the service and also gave me a 10 min demo session. I wanted to try the one month package for like $99.99, the academic coordinator told me that he needs my parent to come online and sign up for me. My Dad, was fine with it, and filled in the form and gave details for payment. Then the Guy there just called up on my phone line and spoke to my Dad. Guess what they told my Dad" We do not accept Amex cards" I was very disappointed with this.

I don't understand this…..We then had to borrow a Visa card from my Grand Mom to register with them. Why don't they accept Amex cards?

It's not about complaining TutorVista….a suggestion which will help us to subscribe. TutorVista Rocks!!!!!!

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