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I enrolled for 1 month subscription for $79. Later without my knowledge they enrolled me for automatically and have been charging me $199 for past 3 months. When I contacted customer service the person kept telling me its in terms and conditions.. These f$%$ers are just there to take your money. When I told them I took absolutely no services from you for past 3 months the person kept telling me things to convince me that its my fault for not cancelling. When I tried cancelling from website, it tells me to talk to a customer representative. There is no customer support number to call either.

This company knows nothing about customer service. Instead of providing value to customer they are only concerned about how to cheat customers and extract money from them. I'm talking to our attorney to file a lawsuit against them for charging us money for no service. I've never written bad about any company before. But after chatting with the support rep of TutorVista I was so pissed that I had to write this up.

Next I'll be gathering info from others who have had similar experience and talking to our attorney to take legal measures against TutorVista

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cheated me too


I'm working on a magazine article in a major national publication about the tutoring industry and am interested in hearing any problematic experiences. Please contact me at Thanks.


Billing 866-735-0516

Yes, there is a problem with the billing service. When you speak to a telephone counselor to set up service or register on-line, you have to input your credit card information (standard).

However, what they fail to mention, your information is stored and you will be billed monthly for monthly service until you cancel. You have to go back into the system under profile and CANCEL your subscription. They say, we are told this at the time of call but this is untrue.

There is still deception on their part. Other than this, the system is helpful and the service by the tutors was helpful.


No real person comes to a post with negative comments and says the service was fabulous. All the folks writing good here are definitely working for TutorVista.

Just call up TutorVista and ask about their refund policy. You come to know exactly why so many people are complaining about their service. Once they get money from you they think its theirs. Forget about providing service.

I'm not so much pissed about giving money. But when the service itself is poor and you do not want to continue and they charge you without your consent and not refund it thats when it sucks to the core! No ethical company would do this!! No service and fraud charges. Stay away if you don't want to get into hassles.


I was taking summer chemistry at TJ so that i could take AP Chemistry during the school year. I received an assignment where i had to do redox reactions. i asked her how to do it, and there were 20 problems and i got 15 out of the 20 wrong cause she gave me the wrong answer.

But overall, the program has helped me to improve my grades and has offered extra help.

Another thing is that often times, they make up lame excuses for why your preferred tutor didn't show up when i was chatting with her on skype and she said that she was available. I would log-on, the message said "sorry, your preferred tutor is not available, take a session with someone else." At first i was fine with it, but this happened at least twice a week for like 3 months. And the customer care guy gave me the same excuse over and over again. I was so pissed. I wasted like an hour talking to these guys.

Had it not been for these problems, it really is a pretty good tutoring program.


We had same experience and would like to know how we can get our money back!


If anyone wants to enter into a lawsuit with this scamming company let me know. I would be more than happy to help.

They just charged me $100 when all I wanted was trial.I was told this wasn't a reoccurring charge when I signed up. Apparently it was. I just got off a 2 hour chat with their customer service (since there is no phone number) and after trying to get away with just canceling the account when I had asked for a refund they tried to get me to extend my membership for a discount. I don't know what they thought I don't want this account means but it wasn't that.

They finally offered me a partial refund but we'll see if that actually comes through. I am furious!


Ok I am going to give you my experience. I read these boards so I was kind of worried to try, but I did anyway.

The tutors were not available often and the answers I got ended up being wrong! So I canceled, then they billed me after that and I called and told them I canceled and the only response I got was "We follow a strict no refund policy and under no circumstances do we give refunds" so I am taking them to my bank.

The ppl with positive comments are probaly tutorvista workers trying to put some positive feedback on there so they can get some business. In the End Tutorvista is a illegal SCAM.


I purchased a subscription with Tutor Vista on today, somehow i didn't think my subscription went through so I clicked the subscribe button again. Well after fiinding out that I was charged twice I called and ask if they can refund me back one of my payments and he told me No he couldn't do that.

I'm really pissed with them right now and waiting until Manday to see what my bank can do. Someone email me if you doing a lawsuit against them.


All the bad comments are false.Tutorvista helped me a lot to improve my grades


arron prob. works for tutorvista.

STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COST!!! I had to get an attorney before they refunded me.


Hey u guys you need to cancel the account or you will be charged But i am using this service for 6 months nw i am happy with service please read about renewal and you can also cancel the account


Those money hungry Hindu are trying to rip off Americans in every way. They charged me $200 after I canceled and said no refunds. I only used their service once and it was horrible so I canceled, but they said "I have to cancel in chat only, not over the phone or online" WTF?


email me @


I was also cheated. Please shoot me your email and I will show you my case and also what my bank/lawyer says on monday.

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