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thats bigest scam company . they promises you unlimited but you cant get unlimited tutor .

its only 10 hour a week and only 3 hour a day . if you call customer service they tell you to read agreement which is say fairly unlimited . please be careful before you buy membership . each session only 35 min so you cant even explain your tutor what you really wanna learn.

specially tutor doesn't have email. they want you to share on whiteboard but you cant share doc file . sometime they don't have tutor available either .

subject like english . ........its just west of money and time .

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Mansfield, Massachusetts, United States #229727

Its great service to help with my studies and all other stuffs like test and assignment

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, United States #228228

but this is what customer care told me on DEC 24, 2010. I believe it as much as the promise to not renew my service when I asked it to be discontinued and they did it anyway.

[ 04:48:59 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Each session is for 35 minutes and

you can take back to back sessions

[ 04:50:10 PM ] Guest : i thought you could only have one session per day?

[ 04:50:19 PM ] Acad Coordinator : You can take unlimited tutoring for

Physics from 4pm to 2am. (EST)

[ 04:50:23 PM ] : no

[ 04:50:36 PM ] : You can take unlimited sessions

[ 04:50:46 PM ] : For each session it is 35min

[ 04:51:03 PM ] Guest : so, i could have back to back sessions from 4

pm to 2 am if I am having trouble?

[ 04:51:24 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes

[ 04:51:51 PM ] Guest : i had read that there were limits on the

tutoring, but this is good to know and I am pleased that I have it in

writing from you

[ 04:52:37 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes you can take back to back

sessons from 4 PM est to 2 AM

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