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So apparently TutorVista downloads old student files from the internet and uses them to tutor other students. They apparently remove the answers when they send you the file but then as you work on them with the tutor, the tutor adds them all back in ( or you with the tutor ) in the interactive screen.

These particular files for myITlab are encoded so that every download and every student is identified. If you work on what the tutors refer to as 'study guides' for ANY myITlab assignment and upload that file you will be accused of copying; academic dishonesty.

Currently, I am being accused of copying, cheating, academic dishonesty for receiving this type of tutoring, because the file originally used to tutor me with belonged to another student. I had no idea the tutor was using other students files, I was actually dumbenough to believe they were study guides they developed from using myITlab.

I am facing serious consequences, my Professor is not interested in my explanation and TutorVista won't even refund my money let alone willing to send an email of explanation to my Professor. I am in a very bad situation and there is not much I can do about it but hope that my Professor won't flunk me from the class entirely or that I am not expelled from college.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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I've had help with course-work from TV for myitlab and it turned out fine. Not sure why they are saying they don't have tutors for myitlab PissedOFF: you sure about that?


Now they say they do not tutor anyone for myitlab....what a crock of ***, these people are straight up *** artists!!


I had a similiar experience and received a F for the class. I had to repeat it and a cheating F will always be on my student record.

Tutorvista people could care less about academic honesty they just want your money. I feel your pain.

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