They very rarely have tutors available to help.I waited hours at a time for a tutor after paying the 1 week trial amount of 40.00.

Then they charged me a $100 per month without me knowing even when I never used the website. When I received the bill and called the customer service number I found out they were based in India and could hardly speak English to help with the problem.

Eventually they said they would refund the money.So anyone who uses the website and has the same problem, make sure you get your money back.

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TutorVista is a SCAM. Example: (This was real)

Welcome to TUTORVISTA !

Type your question in chat window below.

[ 04:12:00 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Welcome to the world's leading online tutoring institution.

[ 04:12:02 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Hello, I am your Academic Counselor and will help you. May I please know your name?.

[ 04:12:08 PM ] Guest : Anderson, you left . Why so?

[ 04:12:10 PM ] Acad Coordinator : We are the premier online tutoring organization in the world.

[ 04:12:11 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Which grade and subject are you looking for help in?

[ 04:12:12 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Do you need homework help? Or are you preparing for a test?

[ 04:12:21 PM ] : Is this anderson ?

[ 04:12:27 PM ] Acad Coordinator : No, my name is Casey.

[ 04:12:37 PM ] : Were you online with Anderson before?

[ 04:12:37 PM ] Guest : Where's Anderson?

[ 04:12:41 PM ] : Yes

[ 04:13:04 PM ] : can i speak with Anderson?

[ 04:13:29 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Please provide me with your grade and subject so that I can try and connect to him?

[ 04:13:55 PM ] Guest : he said that didn't matter .. was he a real tutor?

[ 04:14:31 PM ] Acad Coordinator : I am sorry, for us to continue with this conversation, I would need to confirm your grade and subject.

[ 04:14:47 PM ] Guest : But, he said that it didn't matter . I think he was FAKEW

[ 04:14:56...

[ 04:15:08 PM ] Acad Coordinator : May I have your grade and subject for me to assist you better?

[ 04:15:52 PM ] Guest : Nah, Im good

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:( :( :( ok so i sometimes use tutorvista

and i got this tutor who said after i said my grandmother was there and he said great then he asked for my phone number there is creepy people their


omg i almost got this but then i decide not too.i was chatting with one and it sounded fishy lol


omg i almost got this but then i decide not too.i was chatting with one and it sounded fishy lol

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