I signed up after they told me that they got rid of their demo service. Every tutor I talked to either stopped chatting with me right after I wrote out my question, or simple said "I am not familiar with this type of problem, please wait while I connect you to another tutor." The connection takes about 5 minutes after which a message pops up saying "We're sorry, but all of our tutors are currently busy.

Please try again in 20 minutes." They do NOT offer a money back guarantee on any services that are "specials" which is hilarious, because everything is always "On Special". I talked to a total of about 20-25 tutors, none of them knew a basic stoichiometric chemistry problem. After a while I just started experimenting and asking them basic math problems...

they kept giving me the same message "I'm sorry, I am not familiar with this problem...."

Overall, highly highly highly would NOT recommend. Too much frustration.

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