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do not subscribe to this scam i was charged twice $100 automatically when i did not request the service so i requested a refund and they said that they dont offer refunds so i completely stopped using the site and thought i deleted my card info and they somehow charged me $100 again with no refund!! im planning to report them to the better business Bureau i didnt even connect to a tutor for a whole month and those f***rs still wouldnt give me my money back just writing this review is *** me of because i had 200 dollars down the drain i couldve bought a new phone or someting

Monetary Loss: $200.

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:( I wish I read these comments before. I have emailed them almost everyday asking for a refund and there is no response.

I am a student who was in need of tutoring. With time running out I signed up for tutorvista.

After complaining, I was promised a refund and 4 months later, I have received nothing. This company is HORRIBLE!!!!:(


John, how can you guarantee something about a company unless you are working for them. This definitely indicates that you are working for TutorVista.

If hundreds of folks are complaining here a normal user will have empathy to these customers condition. And not tell how good a company is. Only a person working for a company who doesn't care about its customers will do this.

Abula243, I was fraudly charged by TutorVista as well. I called up my credit card company and got my refund. I'm pretty sure TutorVista is known to be a scam company, which means it will be easy to get a chargeback as you are definitely are going to be the first one to report about them.


Sometimes, when i get sad and lonely, i like to shove a spicy chicken sandwich down my pants.


How I wish I had read your comments before I fell for them as well. I agree with you that they should be reported to BBB so they'l stop victimizing innocent students at the expense of their parents.

In this hard times, Tutor Vista should be ashamed of what they're doing

Let me know when you get a chance to report to BBB and I will support this.


Do not be very trusting

You should check your credit card or bank account, I'm pretty sure that they are extracting all the money they could get from you.

They may be able to help you out with simple stuff but try the complicated or complex ones, I'm pretty sure they will not be a help at all.

Do not waste your money on this big cheat. Trust me. You will regret this later on.

I hope you get to realize that you're making a big mistake


I have used their services for my son and I can guarantee does not cheat. They give very specific instruction in bold letters that they are going to charge the card monthly. You also have an option of disabling this in you profile.

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